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5 January

dancingdrew. link me.

Yes I said yes I am elljay user dancingdrew.

All of the desperately important things you would need to know about me are below. YES ALL OF THEM.

ITEM 1NE; I'm a theatre major at the University of Puget Sound. Yes, this means I occasionally bitch about oh no DRAMA and occasionally complain that I've been up all night hanging lights. No, this does not mean that I've seen Rent five billion times and when I grow up I want to play Roger. I'm a senior in college, not a sophomore in high school.

ITEM 2WO; "Never expect to have a civilized or intelligent discussion with dancingdrew. His goal in life is to be argumentative." -- sisiphus I am extremely argumentative. You may notice that if you are viewing the full info page that the number of comments I have made is roughly triple the number of comments in my journal. This is not due to a dearth of comments in my journal. I tend to give as good as I get in arguments.

ITEM 3HREE; I'm extremely politically liberal. While I'm not a socialist, nor am I a partisan Democrat, I feel strongly about many political issues. Needless to say, combining this tendency with that described in ITEM 2WO makes life interesting.

ITEM 4OUR; Regardless, I am still relatively nice and lighthearted in re: ell jay. I freely admit my assholish tendencies to get them out of the way. I don't bite. Really.

SARDONICALLY PREFACED INSULTS; A brief list of insults that have been tossed my way via the internets: "bitch," "tart," "fag," "leftard," "moral idiot," "asshole," "fatherfuck," "snob." I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my detractors, some of whom can't even determine my gender, despite numerous clues.

AFFILIATIONS; I am a former writer and continued associate of LJDrama, a stamped member of hot_nerdshot_nerds, the_hot_geeksthe_hot_geeks, and unatraktivunatraktiv, a maintainer at rant_about_consrant_about_cons, the homosexual robot life partner of lorneloverlornelover and a general intarweb badass.

DISCLAIMER; Although I am friends with LJDrama staff and am formerly staff myself, please do not submit drama to me, as not only am I nothing near administration, I am also no longer a writer. Feel free to go check out lulz.org and talk to jamethjameth there, as he's volunteered his services in that respect.

Also, if you have questions regarding LJ, read the FAQ and be sure your question isn't answered there, and then submit a request at the support board if necessary.

You're not reading this.

In case of emergency, my contact info is here.

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